All of our leather bar stools are upholstered with real leather of the highest quality. The majority of our leather is Italian and either semi or full aniline, this is specified on the product page of each bar stool.

What is aniline leather?

Aniline leather refers to leather that has been dyed using soluble dyes, without the application of insoluble pigments or an additional topcoat.

What is the difference between semi aniline and full aniline leather?

Full aniline leather is also sometimes referred to as sauvage leather and has been dyed using soluble dyes, without the addition of a topcoat. This process means that the natural grain and pores of the leather are still visible, resulting in a more natural look, rather than a uniform, monotone colour. With this process, the natural grain of the leather is visible but the leather is not protected from damage.

Semi aniline leather has been dyed using soluble dyes but a thin top coat, or some form of insoluble pigment, has then been applied, to offer protection from wear and staining. This can affect the look of the leather, making it appear less natural, but the difference is slight.

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We have a range of different fabrics, in many different colours. Our fabrics can be separated into two groups, wool blend fabrics and plastic-based fabrics. Wool blend fabrics make up the majority of our upholstery options and come in a diverse range of colours and weaves.

One of the main differences between wool-based fabrics and plastic-based fabrics is how it behaves around water. Wool is hydrophilic, meaning that it soaks up water, due to a hollow fiber. Whereas a plastic-based fabric such as polypropylene is hydrophobic and does not soak up and retain moisture.

Pony Hide

We have three different colour options of pony hide upholstery. These are, black and white, brown and white and a mixture of the three; black, brown and white. All of these options are real pony skin and are not fabricated in any way.

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